Acoustic Wood Panels

The beauty of our acoustic wood panels is the simplicity and ease with which you can personally create a wall or walls of fluted slat panels. When it comes to sound absorption panels, there are no better wood acoustic panels available, and if you want a professional finish, but without the ‘professional price’, these acoustic wood panels are perfect for you. And finally, how many wall finishes do you know that look so good you just want to keep touching them?

What makes our acoustic wall panels so special?

When it comes to acoustic panels and sound absorption panels, it is easy to immediately think of the ‘egg carton style’ of paneling you see in recording studios. The trouble is, that type of sound panels for walls looks terrible anywhere else and even then, it doesn’t look that good.
Modern wall panels such as acupanels have opened up a whole new world of options, enabling slatted wood wall panels to look good in every imaginable scenario, whether in your home, office, or public space.
The vertical wood slats have a hint of tradition with a contemporary twist, while providing a highly effective acoustic, sound-absorbing quality thanks to the recycled felt backing material.

Designed and manufactured not just for their attractive aesthetic appeal, these panels with wood slats can be easily installed by anyone with basic DIY skills – check out the installation video here – and are adaptable to virtually any environment, while the ease of altering the size and shape of the wood acoustic panels means you can have a DIY slat wall with a feature window or a framed ultra-slim OLED television for example. Not only can they be used to create a wood slat wall, but also a wood slat ceiling, while the flexibility of the acoustic backing felt means the panels can also be mounted on curved surfaces that can create an additional feature of a slat wall.

Always in Stock

We don’t act as an intermediary or drop shipper – in other words, we don’t take your order and then place an order with the factory. We hold all stock and ship direct to you within two working days via UPS and the only factor which influences the speed of arrival is your geographic location.

Free Delivery

There’s nothing more annoying and frustrating than thinking you have found the perfect product at a great price, only to find the cost of delivery almost doubles the price! Here at Woody Walls, we include the cost of delivery in the price of all our acoustic wood panels so aside from taxes, the price you see is the price you pay. Please note that we also include free delivery to Canada as well as throughout the USA.

Try Before You Buy

If you haven’t seen acoustic wood panels before, you may have slight reservations about buying our panels ‘unseen’. This makes perfect sense to us so in order to help give you total peace of mind, why not order a sample so you can then complete your full order with total peace of mind.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at Woody Walls, we firmly believe that the ‘customer is king’ and the success of our business is wholly dependent on you, our customers. Our aim is to be as friendly, efficient and professional as possible when helping you with your purchase of any product(s) from us.