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December 17, 2021

How to Revive Your Walls with 3D Wood Panels

The use of 3D wood wall panels has been around since the 14th Century, giving it a long history as a decorative component for residential and commercial properties. And while these options became a bit less common for a while, that has been changing lately.

What was once considered a design style that was only found in historic homes, 3D wood panels have made a major comeback in recent years. Now, 3D wood panels are more affordable and sustainable than ever before.

Many of the options for wood panels are cost-friendly and can easily be installed by yourself as a DIY project. Whether you’re looking for a way to spruce up your living room or add some detail to a bathroom, 3D wood panels are the perfect choice to add character to your walls.

Benefits of 3D Wood Panels

There are many advantages that come with using 3D wood wall panels throughout various parts of your home. They are DIY-friendly and offer many design options that could easily fit anyone’s style preferences.

Easy to Install

For many people, the thought of doing any type of DIY home remodeling project can be incredibly intimidating and stressful. But 3D wood panels for walls are simple to do by yourself with only a few essential tools.

Design Options

Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to what will look good in a home to complete a space. With a variety of color choices and wood types, wall paneling is a great option to match up with what you already have in your home.

Safeguard Your Walls

While they’re mainly meant to be decorative, 3D wood panels are also useful in protecting walls from damage or from holes caused by hanging photos and artwork.

Cover Up the Old

Instead of going through the massive headache of redoing a wall altogether, you can use wood panels that will simply cover up previous damage, ugly paint, or other undesirable features.

Fully Customizable

Among the greatest benefits of 3D wood panels is the huge amount of customization options you’ll have to choose from. Along with the specific designs, you can decide to only do a portion of a wall or change up other aspects.

Choosing the Best 3D Wood Panels to Revive Your Walls

There are a handful of factors to consider when it comes to picking out the right 3D wood wall panels to fit your space and your style.

Here are a few suggestions to help you choose the best wood panels for your home:

  • Decide between a basic or more elaborate look
  • Ensure it matches other parts of your space
  • Measure the walls to confirm you get enough panels
  • Buy from a reputable company that offers quality materials
  • Follow the proper procedure if you decide to install it yourself

Tools & Steps for Installation of 3D Wood Panels

The tools required for this DIY project are a 4’ level, a pencil, construction adhesive (i.e. Liquid Nails), a nail gun or hammer and nails, a saw (Miter Saw, Jigsaw, or Fine Tooth Hand Saw), and a dust mask.

Basic steps for installing 3D wood panels are as follows:

  1. Measure the area you will cover
  2. Clean the surface
  3. Acclimate panels between 48-72 hours by placing them on the ground in the same room where they will be installed  
  4. Lay planks in the desired pattern you want to achieve 
  5. Use a level on the first row to ensure proper alignment
  6. Saw off excess tabs of panels as needed 
  7. Apply adhesive to the back of a panel
  8. Secure each panel with nails (using either a nail gun or a hammer and standard nails)
  9. To fit the top row, cut the planks lengthwise 

Get the Best 3D Wood Panels Available at Woody Walls

Among the best ways to give your space new life, 3D wood panels are the perfect choice for revitalizing your walls. These classic features are constantly becoming a more modern design option as people rediscover their beauty and many uses.

If you’re searching for the top-rated 3D wood panels on the market, then look no further than the amazing products offered here at Woody Walls! Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like more information on what we have to offer!

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