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May 26, 2021

Wood Wall Panels: Renovation Made 100x Simpler in 3 Ways!

Woody Walls, the renowned name in interior design based in the heart of Florida, USA, are proud to bring you our collection of three exquisite kinds of wood wall panels for your home or workspace. Revolutionize your lifestyle by decorating your walls in the most fashionable, price-friendly, and artistic way. Here’s how Woody Walls Panels will make your renovation process simpler in 3 ways!

Number One: The Big Three

At Woody Walls we have three options for your wooden wall needs; the Reclaimed Wood Plank, Peel and Stick, and 3D Wood Panel. All three coverings come in numerous finishes and are suitable for all kinds of surfaces. You won’t believe it, but Woody Walls’s planks are 100% organic, meaning they are made purely from solid wood. The cherry on top is that all our products are free from harmful pollutants.  Our wood panels are an eco-friendly and health conscious choice for your interior walls.  Pick a design that works in your home!

Reclaimed Wood Plank, Peel And Stick, And 3D Wood Panel
Photos from our customers: White Washed Peel and Stick Planks. Weathered White 3D Wood Panels, Midnight Mist Long 3D Wall Panels

Number Two: Superior Quality

At Woody Walls we have never been the one to compromise on the quality of our products. We believe that customer satisfaction and quality products go hand in hand. And, one of the reasons why we have successfully managed to meet the expectations of all our customers is the quality of our wooden planks. Read more in our customer reviews on the website:  Our planks are sourced from rich barn and pine woods, ensuring a high quality, organic  and natural finished product.

Number Three: Easy of Installation

Are you worried about installation charges and the hassle? Fear not! Our Planks are not just superior in design and quality, but they are made in a way that makes installation a breeze. You don’t need any expertise just peel and paste Woody Walls’s Peel and Stick Planks onto your walls. Power tools and heavy machinery are not needed with our new seamless plank range at Woody Walls.

With Woody Walls planks forming part of your interior design mix you will be guaranteed an elegant, seamless finish and 100% satisfaction.  Browse through our extensive range of modern and exquisitely finished wood plank designs and make your decision now!

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