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Woody Walls Peel and Stick Wood Wall planks are exquisitely designed to make your interior wall transformation a breeze! We always have our customers in mind when it comes to gorgeous, easy-to-install DIY solutions such as highly versatile Peel and Stick Wall Planks.
At Woody Walls, we take pride in our beautiful designs and the sustainability of our products. All of our Peel and Stick Wood Wall Planks are made from natural wood and are fully recyclable. We also offer a wide array of Peel and Stick Wood Plank designs that can be fitted to most any surface.

Why Use Woody Walls Peel and Stick Wood Planks?

1. They fit just about anywhere

Peel and Stick Wall panels are perfect on walls, doors, cabinets, ceilings, backsplashes, and headboards. You can also use them to cover textured surfaces, including popcorn ceilings and tile. With additional adhesive, you can install them in rooms that may incur dampness, such as a bathroom. Additionally, our Peel and Stick Wall Planks can be installed around your fireplace, as long it is code-approved and the area you are sticking the panel to is removed from combustible materials.

2. Easy DIY installation

Woody Walls Peel and Stick Wall Planks make power tools a thing of the past. We have purposely designed our Peel and Stick wall planks to give even the most novice installers and designers the thrill and excitement of doing remodeling work using their bare hands. No glue or nails are needed as each board comes with 3M self-adhesive tape. Each panel is expertly milled for a seamless fit!
Our Peel and Stick wall planks are so easy to use that you will feel like an expert remodeler during the installation process. Instead of struggling with power tools, you can have fun working on— and eventually realizing— your creative vision.

3. A large collection of designs to choose from

At Woody Walls, we make sure you have the freedom to choose a wall design that suits your desired aesthetic. Our Peel-and-Stick Wood Plank collection is vast, consisting of variations and combinations of white, blues, browns, and charcoal.
Perhaps you’re inspired by Santorini White, or maybe you are looking for the homier ambiance of our Old Brown or Beige collections. You may also relish in the atmosphere of a tranquil resort with Blue Sky or the calming and peacefulness of the Pink Washed selection.
If you’re looking for something more adventurous, you may prefer our two-color combos like Cracked White with Charcoal or Blue Sky with Sweetened Milk. We also offer three-color combos, including Warm Sand, Natural Gray, and Old Brown, or Sweetened Milk, Warm Sand, and Old Brown. With these options and so many more, you’re sure to find that perfect Peel-and-Stick Wood Wall Plank for your wall design.

4. Built to last

Woody Walls Peel and Stick Wood planks are designed to last. Our Peel and Stick panels will stick around until you decide it’s time to try something new. With proper maintenance, the adhesive is rated to last for ten years, ensuring not only long-lasting beauty in your home but also giving you value for your money.

5. Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return our Woody Walls Peel and Stick Wood Planks within 30 days of delivery by filling out a return form.
All you need to do is ship it back in its original packaging. The planks must be unused, and you will be responsible for the return shipping costs. We will process the refund once the return is delivered to our warehouse.

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