Dark Graphite - 3D Wall Panels | Reclaimed Wood

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Square per box:

9.5 sq. ft.


Glue & Nails

Quantity per box:

10 planks

Size per plank:

19.5” x 7” x 0.3"-0.75”
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Each 3D wall panel is 19.5 in. by 7 in., there are 10 wood panels per box with a total coverage area of 9.5 square feet. Our 3D wood panels vary in thickness and depths measuring between 0.3’’-0.75”. Panels are made with reclaimed wood.

Easy glue and nails installation. No heavy tools or complex mounting hardware needed. Each 3D panel has a seamless fit. We cut them precisely to fit each other perfectly making installation process seamless and fun. Panels are suitable for DIY projects AND commercial installation.

3D wall panels for interior wall decor can be installed on different type of surfaces including textured walls, backsplashes and ceilings. 3D panels are suitable for installation in places with higher humidity. It is important to be sure the application surface is completely dry and clear of dust/debris to ensure proper adhesion. We recommend using high-quality construction adhesive.

All panels have been naturally weathered over time by the elements and include characteristics like deeply weathered grooves and natural splitting, enabling to capture that rustic warmth that can only be achieved with a real wood accent wall.

All products are responsibly sourced, fully recyclable and 100% free of harmful pollutants. We always use only non-toxic adhesives and VOC-free paints. The result is a creation of completely unique spaces and a product you feel good about bringing into your environment.

4 reviews for Dark Graphite - 3D Wall Panels | Reclaimed Wood

  1. Nick N.

    This is a great product! Looks amazing and is easy to install!

  2. Customer

    Unfortunately this would have looked amazing on the wall but I would have needed way more than expected and simply couldn’t afford it. Do I recommend it? You bet I do. It’s cool and different and textured and well i really liked it.

  3. Customer

    First off, it’s hard to really capture in pictures how incredible this product looks on our wall - it’s gorgeous! I rarely leave reviews but feel compelled for those who were apprehensive to pull the trigger on this product like we were.During all of our quarantine down time we found a few feature walls we wanted to do in our home. Our initial thought was a peel & stick wood plank - they’ve been around long enough, you can find decent quality, low cost product at most online retailers and even Home Depot. I bought many samples and wasn’t having luck finding one we love - I found one last option as I simultaneously stumbled upon the 3D Woody Walls. We opted to buy the cheap peel & stick as the cost of 240 sq. ft. added up quick. Right before we got ready to install my husband suggested we just buy a sample kit of the 3D so we can see if we even like it, and put it on the back of our mind if not. We are SO glad we did, because it is gorgeous and we know we wouldn’t have been happy with our option option - worth it to us to exceed our original budget! (This WoodyWalls 3D really is reasonable when you consider how much the high end peel & stick products like Stikwood and Timberchic are).As far as install goes, I had read other reviews and decided the smartest thing to do would be slap a rough coat of black paint on to hide any of the wall visible between the seams. It’s an extra step, but was absolutely worth it. We chose to use the clear Gorilla adhesive and a nail gun. My husband is a very skilled craftsman and proficient with most tools - we had intricate cuts around windows that gave him some trouble and frustration (photo included) but the flat, straight wall surfaces were a breeze. Since cut panels had raw wood exposed, he stained those with ebony stain as he went and it was a perfect match. For a flat wall without windows, installation would be simple even for the lease experienced person. We were initially worried about the thickness of the 3D panels as it was very close to the depth of our existing floor moulding. We did not want to remove and replace, and also didn’t want the panels to fully hang over the depth of the moulding. We could tell from our initial sample order that some pieces would having over, and some would be thinner, which actually looks great (picture included). I initially followed him with some ebony putty to fill the nail gun holes, but the flat sheen of the putty stood out as much as the nail hole soI decided to come up with a new plan and will simply color each nail head with a sharpie so it blends better - I’m waiting for the rain to come and I can no longer get outdoor projects done. We also found some Lutron outlets on Amazon that match really well, and added those at the end (photo included).You would put a little sweat equity in getting a project done, but it’s 100% worth it and I would recommend to anyone!

  4. Marco

    i likey

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