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  • Grey / Brown Mix - Reclaimed Wood Planks - WoodyWalls
  • Gray Brown Mix - Reclaimed Wood Panels - WoodyWalls
  • Gray Brown Mix - Reclaimed Wood Panels - WoodyWalls
  • Gray - Reclaimed Wood Panels - WoodyWalls
  • Brown - Reclaimed Wood - WoodyWalls
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Grey / Brown Mix


Square per box:

19.5 sq. ft.


Glue & Nails

Quantity per box:

12 planks

Square feet:


Size per plank:

46.5” x 5” x 0.25”

Square per box:
19.5 sq. ft.
Glue & Nails
12"–46.5" Random Lengths
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Glue and nails installation
Glue and nails installation
Reclaimed wood
Reclaimed wood



Grey Brown Mix reclaimed wood walls are one of the moodiest mixes of our reclaimed wood wall series, our rustic wood paneling for walls has a story to tell (as they come from dismantled barns) our barnwood planks are painted by nature, providing them that special rustic yet modern touch.

This beautiful mix includes black wall panels as well as brown wood walls.
They are the only natural wood planks in our collection to come in different sizes 12” (L), 46.5” (L), 5” (W) by ¼” (T). Each box contains a mix of lengths ranging from 12 inches to 46.5 inches long with a total coverage area of 19.5 sq. ft.


The only things you will need are: liquid construction adhesive and 18 gauge brad nails.

No heavy tools nor complex mounting hardware are needed for installation.
Our weathered wood planks are made to fit each other smoothly.
We cut them precisely so they fit each other perfectly, which makes the installation process seamless yet fun. Our reclaimed wood wall is suitable for commercial and residential installation as well as DIY projects.


WoodyWalls natural wood planks may be installed on different types of surfaces such as textured walls, backsplashes or counters. They can even be used as ceiling planks!
It’s very important to be sure the application surfaces are completely dry and clear of any dust or debris to ensure long lasting adhesion.

Friendly Reminder: our reclaimed wood wall panels are not suitable for flooring.


Our reclaimed wood walls are naturally weathered over time by the elements they have features such as deeply eroded grooves and natural splitting, allowing us to capture that rustic yet modern feel that can only be achieved with natural wood planks.


Our barnwood wall panels are made from real barn wood, they offer an authentic design and texture with a gorgeous rich finish. Woody Walls reclaimed wood walls are unique, and provide a warm yet natural vibe to any design. Our distressed wood wall panels are reliably sourced, completely recyclable and 100% free of pollutants. They are always in stock and ship fast.

Installation Guide


4’ level, Pencil, Construction Adhesive (i.e. Liquid Nails), Nail Gun or Regular Nails, Saw (Miter Saw, Jigsaw, or Fine Tooth Hand Saw), Dust Mask


Allow reclaimed wood panels to acclimate by placing them in the area you are installing for 48-72 hours.

WoodyWalls planks can be installed on variety of surfaces such as walls, backsplashes, ceilings and headboards.

Inspect panels thoroughly prior to installation. Avoid using any damaged boards to ensure proper alignment and to prevent any future problems -Use caution while working around wall outlets and light switches.

Keep your HVAC at 60-75ºF for a few days prior to installation as well as during and after installation.

Reclaimed wood panels can be installed around a code-approved fireplace as long as the surface you are applying panels to is not exposed to combustible materials.

DO NOT install as flooring.


WoodyWalls panels are made from real reclaimed wood, the use of dry cloth should be the primary method of cleaning.

Wall Décor such as mirrors, pictures, TV’s and shelves can be mounted by drilling THROUGH the boards and using industry standard techniques for installation on the underlying substrate


1. Clean the wall surface. Remove all debris, dust, grease, cover plates and protruding nails.

2. *Optional Step*- we recommend painting the surface in the same shade as planks prior to installation.

3. Use panels from different bundles to ensure even mix of colors.

4. Dry-lay panels before permanently installing to create your desired pattern.

5. Draw a reference line on the application surface.

6. Apply glue on the back of each panel. Use dry cloth to remove any excess of adhesive immediately after application.

7. Start applying the first row along the reference line.

8. Press panels into place and secure with nails.

9. Always use a dust mask to protect yourself from inhaling any debris from cutting wood panels.

10. Use sanding block to smooth the cut edges if needed

! WARNING: Drilling, sawing, sanding, or machining wood products can expose you to wood dust, a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer. Avoid inhaling wood dust or use a dust mask or other safeguards for personal protection. For more information go to


Reclaimed wood planks are a true classic when it comes to updating any space. With their natural rustic charm, reclaimed wood planks add warmth and character to any design project. While our reclaimed wood’s natural beauty is rooted in the past, it easily lends itself to the more modern twists of today’s DIY projects. Are you considering adding Woody Walls reclaimed wood planks to your home or office space but still have questions? Here are the answers to the more frequently asked questions that we get about our reclaimed wood planks.

Can You Put Reclaimed Wood Planks on Walls?

Yes! In fact, we recommend it! Our reclaimed wood planks can be installed on a variety of different surfaces. From textured walls to kitchen backsplashes, even up to the ceiling, reclaimed wood planks are the perfect addition to any wall. Woody Walls reclaimed wood planks are even suitable for more humid spaces like bathrooms, though care must be taken to assure they do not come in direct contact with water.

What Type of Reclaimed Wood is Best for Walls?

Our reclaimed wood planks are made from solid timber. Every plank is responsibly sourced from the rich wood from dismantled barns. In addition to being responsibly sourced, reclaimed wood is completely recyclable. All panels have been naturally weathered for twenty years by the elements, allowing for unique characteristics of deeply weathered grooves and natural splitting that only time and nature can organically provide. Not only can you rest assured that your design choices are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced, but they are also 100% free of harmful pollutants and toxins, helping you breathe easier.

How do you Install Reclaimed Wood Planks?

Installing reclaimed wood panels is quick and simple. With an easy nail-and-glue installation and no power tools or prior experience needed, our wood wall panels are suitable for DIY projects and commercial installations alike. We cut each plank to the perfect fit, making the installation process smooth and fun for any skill level.
Before application, we have recommendations to help your process move along seamlessly:
Give your panels time to acclimate to the space where they will be installed, at least 48 hours.
It is important to ensure the application surface is dry and completely clean of dust and debris before you start to ensure proper adhesion.
Inspect your panels for any warping.
Do a dry run with your panels by laying them out in the order you would like them installed beforehand, so you never have to hunt for the right plank.
Have fun and let your creativity flow.
For more resources and information on installation, check out our product page, and how-to videos.

Can Reclaimed Wall Wood Planks be Used for flooring?

Even though our reclaimed wood wall planks are made of 100% real wood, they are not suitable for flooring. Despite our wall panels durable and long-lasting design, they are intended for use on walls only.

Reclaimed wood planks are an affordable yet elegant way to add a unique design upgrade to your home or office. Woody Walls reclaimed wood planks come in variety of finishes. With no two planks being the exact same in their texture and character, you can look froward to a one-of-a-kind finish to a one-of-a-kind project. With minimal time and effort, you can transform any wall into a work of art.
Click here if you have more questions about reclaimed wood walls

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  1. AK

    Just got these amazing wood wall panels, they are made from real wood and they smell very nice! Can't wait to install them!

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