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Use a J ROLLER to apply uniform pressure to ensure adhesion.
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✅ Specially designed tool for application and even pressure distribution on various surfaces such as peel and stick wood planks, veneers, laminates and edge banding.
✅ The J-roller measures approximately 12” in length with soft rubber material for comfortable non-slip grip and optimal leverage.
✅ Roller measures 1.5” in diameter and is approximately 3” wide.
✅ Built to last-made with high quality aluminum and rubber.
✅ Light-weight, durable, forgiving on hands and easy to use.

7 reviews for J-Roller

  1. Debra Arizola

    Perfect for application.

  2. s mill

    It worked very well over about 40 square feet of counter with no problems

  3. Susan Van Horn

    it works prime shipping

  4. D. Thomas

    Bought it for rolling out wallpaper. It seems very sturdy and well made.

  5. Jimbo Macluvins

    Solid built. Put all my weight into it and no bending. Great for small projects.

  6. Mark

    Works as expected. Can fit in small places. For large areas, you'd need a larger roller.

  7. Ana M. Pabon

    lo use y me encanto

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