Rustic Oak


Square per box:
19.5 sq. ft.
Glue & Nails
Quantity per box:
12 planks
Size per plank:
46.5” x 5” x 1/4"
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Glue and nails installation
Glue and nails installation
Reclaimed wood
Reclaimed wood


WoodyWalls reclaimed wood wall collection features RUSTIC OAK which is made of white oak. Our oak wood panels have a lot of stories to tell (as it comes from white oak barns) Woody Walls barnwood planks are nature weathered, giving it that special rustic feel. Our Rustic Oak wood wall covering happens to be stainable, which allows you to change the shade to your liking by simply using any oak staining oil you desire.


Each reclaimed wood plank is 46.45 in. by 5 in. There are 10 reclaimed wood planks per box with a total coverage area of 16.25 square feet. All wood panels are about ¼’’ thick and come in a variety of finishes.


Easy glue and nails installation. For our barnwood planks, we recommend using high-quality construction adhesive and 18 gauge brad nails. We cut our barn wood planks precisely to fit each other perfectly making the installation process smooth but fun! For better results, when it comes to cutting any excess from the wood wall panels we suggest using either a Jigsaw, Circular Saw, Miter Saw, Table saw, or Fine Tooth Hand Saw and don’t forget a dust mask! Our wood panels for walls are ideal for DIY projects.


Our reclaimed wood planks can be installed on different types of surfaces including backsplashes, textured walls, kitchens and ceilings. It is important to be sure the application surface is completely dry and clear of dust/debris to ensure proper adhesion. Reclaimed wood paneling is suitable for installation in places with higher humidity. However, we do not suggest installing our reclaimed wood wall anywhere where it will be in direct contact with running water.


Our rustic wood paneling for walls are between 20-30 years old and have been weathered over time by nature and its elements, they include characteristics like deeply weathered grooves and natural splitting, enabling to capture that rustic warmth that can only be achieved with real barnwood planks.


Each reclaimed wood panel is handmade and unique. We select each wood plank individually by hand to ensure superb quality. For better results, depending on the wood wall covering you choose, for example if your wall is a light color and your wood paneling is a darker shade, we suggest painting your surface a color close enough to the color of your wood wall paneling. Our wall panels for interior wall decor have a class C fire rating.


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