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Sweetened Milk, Warm Sand

Product image 1Sweetened Milk, Warm Sand-Peel & stick-Woody Walls
Product image 2Sweetened Milk, Warm Sand
Product image 3Sweetened Milk, Warm Sand
Product image 4Sweetened Milk, Warm Sand
Product image 5Sweetened Milk, Warm Sand
Product image 6Sweetened Milk, Warm Sand
Product image 7Sweetened Milk, Warm Sand


0.00 sq. feet
1 boxes of reclaimed panels
or 1 boxes of peel & stick panels
or 1 boxes of 3D panels

Regular price $149.00

How to install Peel&Stick panels? It's simple!
Download Installation Guide

Real Wood (Pine) + Easy to Install

12 Planks / 19.5 sq. ft. per box.
46.45 in. x 5.04 in. x 0.18 in. planks.
Every board comes with back adhesive strips (Peel and Stick Installation).

All WoodyWalls products are made with real wood, presenting authentic design and texture for a beautifully rich finish. Each board is unique, giving your decor a warm and natural look.

The product must be used on interior walls only, make sure that your walls have a clean dry and flat surface.

If you wish to use our products on a textured surface, in places where the temperature can exceed 125° F. (e.g. near a fireplace or heater) or in rooms that can become damp (e.g. a bathroom), you need additional adhesive. We recommend a high-quality polyurethane construction adhesive be applied to the back of each plank. Apply some small pea-sized dots of adhesive to the back of a full plank. Keep the adhesive a half-inch from the edges. Firmly press the planks into place. If adhesive squeezes out around the planks, be sure to wipe it off before it dries.

Use a J ROLLER to apply uniform pressure to ensure adhesion.

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