Reclaimed & Distressed Wood Planks

Woody Walls Reclaimed Wood Planks collections are made from authentic barn wood wall planks. All our reclaimed wood wall planks are natural, responsibly sourced, uniquely handcrafted, and have been naturally weathered by the elements.
Installing our reclaimed wood in your home or office interior offers a unique opportunity to create beautiful designs while helping protect our fragile ecosystem.

Why Use Woody Walls Reclaimed Wood Planks?

1. Beautiful & Uniquely Handcrafted

By installing a distressed wood wall design, you can create warm and inviting atmosphere, adding beauty, charm, and elegance to your indoor space. Our distressed wood planks provide a classic, rustic look that connects your living space to the natural environment. Each selection is unique, creating a feeling of elegance and adding character to your home. At the same time, the reclaimed wood design element makes it the preferred choice for our environmentally conscious customers.

2. Durability & Strength

Not only is reclaimed wood distinctive, but it is also both durable and strong, making it suited for installation on a variety of surfaces, including textured walls. Reclaimed wood is more durable than the lumber we use today because the wood pieces originating before the 20th century received little air contamination from pollution. In addition, most old wood comes from virgin lumber that grew for a long time prior to being chopped down. At Woody Walls, our Reclaimed Wood Planks are sourced from older buildings constructed with only the toughest timbers, allowing them to stand the test of time.

3. We Love the Environment!

At Woody Walls, we want to do our part to help protect the environment. Using reclaimed wood lessens the virgin wood harvesting from forests, helping safeguard our forests rather than deplete them. Woody Walls Reclaimed Wood Planks are certified as eco-friendly. We also use only non-toxic adhesives and VOC-free paints.

4. Original, Unique Reclaimed Wood

Nowadays, most of the items you buy are likely mass-produced. If you want to find something original for your home, it’s probably going to cost a pretty penny. But, when you purchase Woody Walls Reclaimed Wood Planks, you can be certain that every single piece is 100% unique and isn't mass-manufactured like other modern-day wood products. Additionally, our team selects every slat by hand to ensure the highest quality.

5. Easy DIY Installation

The most exciting part of a DIY installation is customizing your home’s interior, making it your own. At Woody Walls, we include an easy DIY installation instruction manual when you purchase any of our wood wall panel collections to make things simple.

6. Free Shipping!

Yes, shipping within US and Canada is FREE (excluding duties and taxes), even on large volume orders.

Choose Woody Walls

Reclaimed wood can inspire an emotional response, reminding us that everything in life has its cycle. There is something enchanting and even magical about using reclaimed wood to transform your space into something beautiful, useful, and new. For gorgeous, high-quality reclaimed wood planks that are easy to install, choose Woody Walls Reclaimed Wood Planks.

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