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Wood Slat Wall Panels


Glue & Screws
Quantity per box:
2 panels
Size per plank:
46” x 20 11/16” x 7/8”


Glue & Screws

Quantity per box:

2 panels

Size per panel:

46” x 20" 11/16” x 7/8”

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Glue and nails installation
Glue and nails installation
Reclaimed wood
Reclaimed wood


Modern & Eco-Friendly Design

Our Wood Slat Wall Panels have a modern and innovative design. They consist of real oak-veneer MDF slats, and they are backed with a sound-absorbing acoustic felt made from recycled materials, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly products. Each wood panel measures 46" x 20 11/16" x 7/8" and can be seamlessly joined together to create a professional-looking wood slat wall for DIY enthusiasts.

Easy Installation for Versatility

Installing these slatted wood wall panels is easy and doesn't require advanced skills. They can be installed on vertical walls, ceilings, alcoves, around windows, and even on curved surfaces. The backing felt, which provides sound absorption properties, is made from recycled materials, aligning with our goal of promoting sustainability.

Enhance the Sophistication of Your Wood Slat Wall with LED Channel Lighting

Rejuvenate the visual allure of the Woody Walls' Wood Slat Wall using our extraordinary LED accent lighting. Specifically designed for Slat Walls, our accent lighting solutions will elevate the visual impact of our Slat Wall Panels. The seamless integration of our LED channels and Edge lighting channels effortlessly blends with our decorative wood panels for walls, allowing you to create enchanting lighting effects that highlight the inherent beauty of your wood slat wall while introducing a touch of elegance.

Elevate Your DIY Project with Slat Walls and Stylish Metal Edge Trim

Achieve a flawless DIY project effortlessly by combining  Slat Wall Panels with either Black Metal Edge Trim or Brushed Metal Edge Trim. While acoustic wood panels offer versatility for various interior ideas and DIY endeavors, achieving a polished edge finish can pose a challenge. Our Metal Edge Trim provides an ideal solution, addressing edge-finishing dilemmas and adding a sophisticated touch to your creative projects. Furthermore, this combination lends itself to versatile applications, spanning from accent walls to wainscoting, thereby guaranteeing a unified and polished result throughout your entire space.

Sustainable Sound Absorption

These acoustic wood panels are suitable for various settings, including homes, offices, and public spaces. With basic DIY skills, you can enhance the aesthetics and sound quality of any room. They are ideal for music studios, conference rooms, movie theaters, home theaters, instrument practice rooms, and gaming rooms. The wood slat panels offer efficient and effective sound absorption. Our slat wall panels boast an NRC rating of 0.5.

Stylish & Effective Acoustic Panels

In residential properties, rooms often rely on curtains, carpets, and soft furnishings to reduce echoes and create a cozy atmosphere. However, if you prefer tiled floors and minimal soft furnishings while still seeking style and innovation, our slatted wood wall panels are the perfect solution. They provide warmth and welcoming sound for every room, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable environment.


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