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Wood Wall Panel Samples & Tools

Woody Walls has all your wall paneling needs covered. Our complete wood panel samples and accessories will help make DIY remodel process easy and fun.
Like many people, you may want a clear vision of what your home or office interior remodel will look like before completion. At Woody Walls, we offer wood panel samples so that you can have an initial experience with our products before starting your project.
We also offer Woody Walls Accessories so that you can highlight your personal style, taste, and preferences in your space. Additionally, we offer tools to make your DIY experience as easy as possible.

Our Wood Panel Samples

Explore our wood panel samples so you can match the options to your desired vision. Our samples include:

Woody Walls wood panel samples will help you determine the best option for your wall surfaces and desired aesthetic. This way, you can feel confident in your selection, ensuring that you bring your interior design concept to life.

Our Wood Panel Accessories

LED channels

Elevate your space with our LED Channels for Wood Slat Wall, expertly designed to seamlessly complement your wood slat walls, offering a sleek lighting solution that creates a captivating ambiance with customizable effects and a soft, uniform glow. Experience the perfect blend of elegance and functionality as you transform your surroundings into a sophisticated haven with our high-quality LED channels.

Edge trim

Woody Walls Wood Wall Panels provide versatility for a range of interior ideas and DIY projects. However, achieving a refined edge finish may present challenges. Our Edge Trim serves as an ideal solution, not only addressing edge-finishing dilemmas but also imparting a touch of sophistication to your creative projects. This enhancement applies to both Wood Ceiling and Wood Accent Wall installations.

Reclaimed Wood Corner Trim

Finishing the edges is easy with our Woody Walls wood corner trim, offering the perfect finishing touches to your DIY wood panel installation. Woody Walls wood corner trims are designed to fit perfectly with Woody Walls reclaimed wood wall paneling and ceiling planks. Each corner trim measures 46.5” in length and 1” in width on each face.
Here are some of the different styles you can choose from:

Installation Tools

Performing your peel and stick wood plank installation is easier than ever when using our J-Roller tool. While offering a comfortable grip and flexibility, the J-roller allows you to apply pressure evenly, providing maximum adhesion.

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Woody Walls wood panel samples and accessories are designed to give you the upper hand in creating an interior space masterpiece. Check out our samples and accessories online or reach out to us to learn more - (786) 615-4148