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3D Wall Panels

3D wall panels literally and figuratively add a whole new dimension to the effect created by a stunning wall cladding.

Our 3D wall panel collection consists of two types of products: barn wood wall panels and teak wood wall panels. 3D wall panels out-of-the-box patterns create spectacular illusions using the application of light, allowing you the experience of connecting with nature in the comfort of your own indoor space. Decorative wood panels for walls can transform the look of a room in under half a day, and here at Woody Walls our panels are so easy to install as a DIY project. Wood paneling for walls is the perfect natural material to accentuate the homeliness of home.

Long 3D Wood Panels


Why Use Our 3D Wood Wall Panels?

Woody Walls 3D wall panel collection answers your need for a DIY product to upgrade your interior walls. Not only are our 3D wall panels uniquely beautiful, but they are also highly durable, easy on your budget, and delivered with care.
See what you can expect from our 3D wall panels:

Gorgeous Designs

Our Woody Walls 3D wall panels offer you a wide range of motif collections to suit your interior design preferences and goals. Feel the warmth of natural and rustic colors or the calming effects of graphite. Brighten your surroundings with the purity of white. Relish in the comfort of iceberg. When it comes to creating a space for relaxation and solace, a 3D wood wall panel DIY installation is the perfect solution. We also offer Long 3D wood panel variants.

Earth-Friendly Materials

With Woody Walls 3D wall panels, you can also feel good, knowing that you are doing your part to make the world a better place, as our products are:
- Ecologically friendly
- Responsibly sourced
- Fully recyclable
- Devoid of harmful pollutants
- Only using non-toxic adhesives and
- VOC-free paints

Fits Everywhere

We make sure that our 3D wall panels fit on a variety of surfaces, including your interior living spaces, bathrooms, and kitchen backsplashes. Our 3D wall panels are designed to cover most indoor flat surfaces, including popcorn ceilings and tiles. With our customers in mind, each 3D wood panel can be easily trimmed to fit your exact specifications, making your DIY experience fun and effortless.

Worry-Free Supply and Delivery

You don't need to worry about the availability of our 3D wood panels, as we make sure they’re always in stock.
New orders are typically shipped via UPS ground within 2 business days (excluding holidays). We can also handle high-volume orders. Our delivery times vary depending on the location.
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Customer Satisfaction

At Woody Walls, we put a premium on our customers by giving them the service they deserve. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than happy customers.

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Long 3D Wood Panels