About Us

WoodyWalls was born and founded in New York City as a family passion project. Having spent years helping homeowners and designers manifest their visions in commercial and private remodeling projects, we made it our mission to create a product that would allow us to integrate sustainable, ecologically friendly wall paneling with easy application process, dynamic enough for commercial and DYI projects alike.

Our unique peel and stick wood panels and engineered stone tiles made from the highest quality materials such as real pine wood and organic clay. All products are responsibly sourced, fully recyclable and 100% free of harmful pollutants. We always use only non-toxic adhesives and VOC-free paints. The result is a creation of completely unique spaces and a product you feel good about bringing into your environment.

WoodyWalls experts and designers work tirelessly to ensure our client’s vision come to life. We understand the beauty, function and nature of sustainable materials, especially when it comes to interior design. Alongside with our classic pinewood collection we offer a variety of unique reclaimed wood panels. Our reclaimed peel and stick wood panels are beautifully designed, precision milled and durable. Each panel has a character of its own enhanced by nature and created by the loving hands of our dedicated professionals.