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About Us

Dressing walls has never been easier, we created DIY friendly wood wall paneling to bring nature indoors


WoodyWalls came to life in 2014 within New York City, founded by a loving, hardworking family who wanted to transform dull spaces into beautiful places in an organic and nonpolluting way. Thus we made it our mission to create a product that would allow us to integrate sustainable, eco-friendly wood wall panels with an easy application process that would fit into any design. WoodyWalls has recently expanded to a fresh new location in the beautiful sunshine state, Miami, Florida.


WoodyWalls experts and designers work tirelessly to ensure our client’s vision comes to life. We understand the beauty, function and nature of sustainable materials, especially when it comes to interior design. Our wood panels for walls are beautifully designed, precision milled and durable. Our wood wall paneling has a character of its own enhanced by nature and created by the loving hands of our dedicated professionals.


All our wood walls are: handmade, safe for the environment, fully recyclable, made of solid wood, 100% free of toxic waste, always in stock, only using non-toxic adhesives and VOC-free paints. In other words, they are perfect for any project you have in mind.