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Barnwood Planks

Our barnwood planks are made from 30-50-year-old reclaimed wood, ensuring a rich, weathered character. They're simple to install and built to last, making them perfect for wall cladding or decorative surfaces. The natural warmth and tactile quality of timber create an enduring and timeless aesthetic. Choose our barnwood planks to elevate your space with unique charm and sustainable design.

Why Woody Walls Barnwood planks are the Best

You can’t beat the look and feel of natural barn wood wall paneling

Barn wood is the perfect timber for wood wall panels.
Because the warm color never changes, and the wood never warps. The surface is smooth, and the life expectancy is optimum, while the unique look is the epitome of rustic charm. Barn wood planks are made from decades-old, reclaimed timber, making it a firm favorite for those of you who are environmentally conscious.

The best choice for a barnwood accent wall

Our barnwood planks are extremely versatile and ideal for multiple domestic and commercial environments. Beyond that, every wood panel is quality checked and every individual slat chosen by hand. Only the paying finest attention to detail can ensure the highest quality of barnwood paneling.

Easy DIY installation and Free Shipping of all wood panels

Here at Woody Walls we want to keep the cost of transforming any room in your home or office as low as possible, but without sacrificing quality. In order to help you, we have designed all our barnwood accent wall panels so that they can be very easily installed using just the basic DIY skills. We include a comprehensive DIY instruction manual and we have also produced a YouTube video.
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It may be that you have already made up your mind which barnwood planks you want to order. However, if you are not 100% sure, why not order a selection of wood samples so you can see get a clearer idea of the colors, as well as get a good feel for the quality and craftsmanship involved.