TradE Program

At WoodyWalls we are focusing on creating interiors that are sustainable, ecologically friendly and dynamic enough for commercial and DYI projects. Adding natural wood paneling can positively impact any interior.
As a part of our comprehensive Trade Program we often collaborate with designers, trade professionals and builders to inspire and help to add that special touch to projects they are working on. Our program includes exclusive trade/builder pricing plus free samples to share with your customers.
We offer a great assortment of various wall panels that will surely inspire you and won’t go unnoticed by your clients!

Competitive advantages

Our products are built to last, and we have the best wood finishes in the business

Health care

We use environmentally responsible materials and processes


We pioneer new uses and efficient methods to eliminate waste and reduce CO2 footprint

For everyone 

We have options for every style and budget

Easy installation

Product specs are clear, reliable and designed for quick onsite installation

Delivery of any size

We offer quick and worry-free shipping for any order sizes

Join our Trade/Builder Program today and receive up to 20% OFF your next order!

Under $10,000Over $10,000
15% off your purchase20% off any purchase
For consideration, fill out the following information and submit to us for review. Please provide one of the following:
Business License
Reseller’s Certificate
A valid Company Website
We look forward to hearing from you!

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