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  • LED Channel <br>for <br>Wood Wall Edging 23
  • LED Channel <br>for <br>Wood Wall Edging 24
  • LED Channel <br>for <br>Wood Wall Edging 25
  • LED Channel <br>for <br>Wood Wall Edging 26
  • LED Channel <br>for <br>Wood Wall Edging 27
  • LED Channel <br>for <br>Wood Wall Edging 28
  • LED Channel <br>for <br>Wood Wall Edging 29
  • LED Channel <br>for <br>Wood Wall Edging 30
  • LED Channel <br>for <br>Wood Wall Edging 31
  • LED Channel <br>for <br>Wood Wall Edging 32
  • LED Channel <br>for <br>Wood Wall Edging 33

LED Channel
Wood Wall Edging


Black aluminum rails


Black aluminum rails







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LED Channels for Wood Wall Edging

Our LED channels for wood wall edging are thoughtfully designed to provide a seamless and sophisticated lighting solution for your wood accent wall. Crafted with precision, these LED channels perfectly complement the aesthetic of your wood walls, enhancing their beauty while adding an enchanting touch of illumination.With our versatile LED edging channels, you have the freedom to choose the direction of the light according to your preference, whether you desire a more direct illumination or a subtle glow emitting from the side, ensuring a truly personalized experience for your wood accent walls.


Each LED Light Channel measures 47 inches in length, with a height and width of 3/4 inch. The dimensions are specifically designed to fit the edging of our Acoustic Slat Wall Panels and 3D Wood Wall Panels, eliminating any guesswork during installation. Please note that the LED strip is not included with the channel set and should be purchased separately.

Hassle-Free Installation

Installing our LED channels is a hassle-free process. Simply measure and cut the aluminum channel to your desired length using a miter saw. Once cut, secure the channel along the edges of your wood wall using the provided screws. Attach the LED strip (purchased separately) to the aluminum channel, ensuring proper alignment and connection. Next, snap the black plastic cover into place, providing diffusion for a soft and uniform lighting effect. Finally, complete the assembly by closing the channel with the provided end plugs, giving your LED light channel a clean and professional appearance.

Elevate Your Home with LED Light Channels from Woody Walls

Don't miss the chance to elevate your space with our LED edging channels. Experience the perfect synergy of aesthetics and functionality with our top-quality LED channels for wood slat wall edging.

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