Charcoal (Black) - Peel and Stick Planks

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Square per box:

19.5 sq. ft.


Peel & Stick

Quantity per box:

12 planks

Size per plank:

46.45” x 5.04” x 0.18”


All WoodyWalls products are made with real wood, presenting authentic design and texture for a beautifully rich finish. Each board is unique, giving your decor a warm and natural look.

The product must be used on interior walls only, make sure that your walls have a clean dry and flat surface.

If you wish to use our products on a textured surface, in places where the temperature can exceed 125° F. (e.g. near a fireplace or heater) or in rooms that can become damp (e.g. a bathroom), you need additional adhesive. We recommend a high-quality polyurethane construction adhesive be applied to the back of each plank. Apply some small pea-sized dots of adhesive to the back of a full plank. Keep the adhesive a half-inch from the edges. Firmly press the planks into place. If adhesive squeezes out around the planks, be sure to wipe it off before it dries.

Use a J ROLLER to apply uniform pressure to ensure adhesion.

7 reviews for Charcoal (Black) - Peel and Stick Planks

  1. Jill Perry

    Easy to install and completely transformed out bedroom. Would highly recommend.

  2. Beth

    Looks great in a recently remodeled bathroom. We used this instead of a backsplash to add some texture variety. We applied a matte lacquer over the top to ensure longevity and so far so good.Update on 10/3/20:This is still looking great in our bathroom, and we actually bought more to use in our bedroom! Love this stuff.

  3. Evgeny Chernousov

    Wow! Really LOVE our new accent wall! WoodyWalls made our home absolutely gorgeous! Fast shipping, great quality and super easy installation! Highly recommend!

  4. The Roach

    Great product easy to install fast shipping. Just a tip, paint the wall black first before you install the wood because walls are not straight and if you look really hard you can see small gaps.

  5. Sarah Hook

    I'd like to start out by saying that I have bought A LOT of wood wall panels from various vendors on Amazon, as well as on Wayfair in the last couple of months desperately trying to find the color I was looking for. The problem I kept running into was that every vendor said their product was "dark grey" but NONE of them actually were. I purchased the WoodyWalls Peel and Stick Wood Planks to go with the "dark grey" panels that I never found. So, we had to take a different route, but that was no fault on this product, as they were the only ones to get their colors right.I purchased the WoodyWalls Peel and Stick Planks in Charcoal (Black). This product is as described on the site in both size and color (black). These panels have pretty strong adhesive tape on the back. If you make a mistake, be prepared to wreck the panel trying to rip it off. It can be done, but not without damaging the product extensively. Suffice to say, don't make a mistake and the adhesion works great. We stuck ours to light knockdown textured wall with no problems. The paneling hasn't come off the wall, and I don't see it happening in the near future either. If it does I'll come back and report, but also we'll just pop a few finishing nails in, problem solved.This product is really easy to install. I am a web designer and baker by trade, but 18 months building a house and then putting a few finishing touches on has taught me A LOT, but I still wouldn't throw myself in the DIYer category, and yet I installed these panels in multiple areas within our house with zero problems (well at least with no problems that are the fault of this product). They are easy to cut and install. I cut the lengths with a compound miter saw (my first time using the saw), easy peasy.I knocked off a star because (1) a good number of these panels were warped. They have channels cut into the backs of them that are supposed to help with the warping. These particular panels' channels are shallower than the other brands I purchased and used, which must account for the fact that this brand was the only one that I saw warpage in. (2) These are pricer than the other brands that I purchased and they are a tinge lesser in quality (see reason 1).All that being said (deep breath), these did the job and look very nice. I definitely recommend them! The photo I attached shows many different panels, the black ones are this particular brand and review.

  6. Roel Failma

    The product was easy to install and the adhesive strips are strong. The only problem is not with the product but with the in unevenness of the wall you install it on. Most walls are not perfectly flat or straight so it might be smart to line the panels up before pulling the backing off the adhesive strips and see if it will work. Just pull a small potion of the backing off the adhesive they won’t fall and you could remove it as well. Also, you will need to know how to cut around wall sockets and switches. Luckily the panels are easy to cut with a jug saw and/or rotary saw.

  7. Ryan Heacock

    Such a great look! Turned out better than expected and easy to install!

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