White washed – Peel and Stick planks

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Square per box:

19.5 sq. ft.


Peel & Stick

Quantity per box:

12 planks

Size per plank:

46.45” x 5.04” x 0.18”

All WoodyWalls products are made with real wood, presenting authentic design and texture for a beautifully rich finish. Each board is unique, giving your decor a warm and natural look.

The product must be used on interior walls only, make sure that your walls have a clean dry and flat surface.

If you wish to use our products on a textured surface, in places where the temperature can exceed 125° F. (e.g. near a fireplace or heater) or in rooms that can become damp (e.g. a bathroom), you need additional adhesive. We recommend a high-quality polyurethane construction adhesive be applied to the back of each plank. Apply some small pea-sized dots of adhesive to the back of a full plank. Keep the adhesive a half-inch from the edges. Firmly press the planks into place. If adhesive squeezes out around the planks, be sure to wipe it off before it dries.

Use a J ROLLER to apply uniform pressure to ensure adhesion.



Installation guide

4’ level, Saw (Miter Saw, Jigsaw, Fine Tooth Hand Saw or Utility Knife), Pencil, J-roller, Dust Mask


  • Allow planks to acclimate by placing them in the area you are installing for 48-72 hours.
  • WoodyWalls planks can be installed on variety of surfaces such as walls, ceilings, doors, backsplashes, kitchen cabinets and headboards.
  • Inspect planks thoroughly prior to installation. Avoid using any damaged boards to ensure proper adhesion and to prevent any future problems
  • Use caution while working around wall outlets and light switches.
  • Keep your HVAC at 60-75ºF for a few days prior to installation as well as during and after installation.
  • DO NOT install as flooring.
  • DO NOT install in the areas with humidity level above 80% (e.g. bathroom) or the areas where the temperature exceeds 125º F (e.g. near fireplace)


  1. Clean the wall surface. Remove all debris, dust, grease, cover plates and protruding nails.
  2. Use planks from different bundles to ensure even mix of colors.
  3. Dry-lay planks before permanently installing to create your desired pattern*, especially if you are working with multicolor boards.
  4. With the use of a pencil and a 4’ level draw a line across the wall 5’’ below the ceiling to create your reference line.
  5. Using the reference line as a guide, peel the paper off the 3M adhesive and position the starter row planks groove side up along your line. Press into place.
  6. After placing your starter row, apply firm steady pressure along the entire row of planks. Use J-Roller to ensure that steady even pressure is applied to the entire surface, since our adhesive is pressure sensitive.
  7. Always use a dust mask to protect yourself from inhaling any debris from cutting wood planks.
  8. Make sure to mark locations of light switches, electrical outlets and air vents on the plank before removing the paper liner on the tape.
  9. When installing your top and bottom rows, cut the planks lengthwise by using a jigsaw or table saw.
  10. Use sanding block to smooth the cut edges if needed.


  • WoodyWalls Planks are made from real wood materials, the use of dry cloth should be the primary method of cleaning.
  • Do not use any abrasive cleaners, polishes, wax or oil-based products on your wall.
  • Wall Décor such as mirrors, pictures, TV’s and shelves can be mounted by drilling THROUGH the boards and using industry standard techniques for installation on the underlying substrate.


! WARNING: Drilling, sawing, sanding or machining wood products can expose you to wood dust, a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer. Avoid inhaling wood dust or use a dust mask or other safeguards for personal protection. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov/wood.

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24 reviews for White washed – Peel and Stick planks

  1. Valery

    It looks fantastic and we’ve received lots of compliments. My husband loved the ease of installation. Very happy

  2. TrojanBob

    Great product and company!!!
    After reading several reviews we decided to go with the pure white Santorini planks. Thanks for the prior reviews which helped us decide which color to use.

    The Santorini color is white and grey tones which are perfect for our wall decor. The darker white washed would have been too..beige from what we read.

    We completed most of our one wall with the Santorini planks and it really came out great. The product was pretty simple to use. The cutting was difficult so we had a carpenter cut the planks as needed. We just didn’t have the right saw or experience to make a good clean cut.

    The planks adhered to the wall perfectly and the end result is beautiful. This was quite simple but you need to make sure everything is okay before sticking it on the wall. It adheres very stong!! We read others reviews so we were careful with this step.

    This is where we are very impressed. We needed an additional box which arrived today. Upon opening it the planks were split and damaged. The other boxes were perfect and without any damage.

    We immediately contacted the seller about the issue and received a response within an hour to replace the damaged planks ASAP. This was a good customer service response.

    If you want a white look I would suggest using the Santorini pure white planks. There are shades of grey which blend together very nicely.

    Now…we needed to put a sealer on the wall because it is a breakfast nook area and wanted to be able to clean any type of splatters. We found a great product that is not shiny at all and drys fairly flat without changing the colors of the planks. I did a test plank and then splattered a bit of pasta sauce on it and it wiped off without a problem. No stain left on the wood.

    The product we found and just used is Benjamin Moore BENWOOD interior wood finishes. It is called “stays clear” and is an acrylic polyurethane (water based) seal product. It drys like a flat paint look and protects the planks if you are using them in an area which may get a bit messed up.

    We highly recommend this product and the company if you have any issues with your project.

    When we receive our replacement box we will have a beautiful planked wall. It is great to be able to do a DYI project with just a little help in the cutting areas.

  3. Tatiana

    I couldn’t be happier with this product and the end results. These panels completely transformed my wall, and gives my bedroom such a warm, welcoming feeling. By the way the Installation was pretty easy.

  4. levan vekua

    Looks great and takes minimal effort to install, I love it, it. Thank you!

  5. Sarah Martin

    We used this product to cover really ugly wallpaper below the chair rail in our dining room. It was easy to install and looks great.

  6. Erikka V Baehring

    I love these woody walls. Installed in my laundry room

  7. Debra Arizola

    Looks great and easy to use

  8. Olena G.

    Just got my first trial box. Looks very nice. Ordered more to finish my project

  9. D Jill Avila

    Very professional looking and easy to cut and install

  10. Carrie B. LaDuke

    Amazing buying experience! Product was fantastic, easy to cut and hang. Looks wonderful on my wall! Shipping was quick. Customer service at its absolute finest! I highly recommend this product and seller!

  11. Ana Santos

    Good product

  12. Moose & Squirrel

    We used them for small bathroom feature wall. Great finish andeasy to install. I used a small buck saw and new utility knife to cut.

  13. Cathy Brown

    This product is amazing! So easy to install and non stop compliments on how it looks. In addition to the great product, the customer service is above and beyond. Thank you!

  14. D. Vick

    I LOVE the way this wood wall turned out. The color is exactly what I was looking for. This bathroom only gets used about 10 times a year so I’m not worried about humidity from the shower.
    Besides the utility knife you will need a saw to cut against the grain of the wood.
    It’s well worth it! Now I’m trying to figure out where else I need a wood wall! 😊

  15. Asia

    Extremely happy with how this looks! And it was so easy to install, just peel and stick.

  16. Amy

    I absolutely love my feature wall in my bedroom. I 100% recommend these boards for a project. They aren’t as easy as you would expect because the cutting can damage some boards and cutting corners isn’t easy. I had help and we finished the wall in less than a week, working on it maybe two hours a day. We cleaned the surface properly with alcohol and waited for it to dry before applying the boards. They are very sticky but they do need good pressure to apply them. Absolutely love this product!! The finish is a perfect white wash also.

  17. Sandra L. Cassidy

    Looks great! Was super easy to cut with my table saw into variable sizes for more dramatic look. Easy to install this eith minimal effort. Very satisfied with look and feel except…the edges on some of the boards have slightly curled away from the wall. Giving it a more 3d look and demension. However you may not care for this outcome. We don’t mind. You do need to use a plum line to maintain a straight and level installation. Slight gaps between boards of 1/8″ is not noticeable from 6 to 10 feet away. Variation in lines and colors are very natural and also add depth and warmth. We study the colors and placed the variations by design in miss matched coordination.

  18. Michael E. Shake

    We love how our wall turned out. Ordered 8 boxes and we had no damage or defective planks. Not as textured as other brands I’ve seen but has some. Only real complaint is some boards are tapered on the width by as much as 1/4 inch which leaves gaps between boards. Not a lot of them so it isn’t a huge issue. Highly recommend starting at the ceiling and drawing a level reference line 5 inches from the lowest point. All ceilings will be slightly out of level. Mine was about 1/4 inch over 16 feet which isn’t really noticeable but you could trim it with molding. Another tip is to use a miter saw with a fine tooth blade, like 60 teeth. For cutting out around switches and outlets I used a hacksaw to cut down from the edge and then a utility knife against a straight edge for the other cut. I also cut the bottom row with a utility knife and straight edge and for the final fit used a small block plane.

  19. Matthew

    This product was awesome. Took me about 60 minutes to a small wall in our kitchen. Easy to use, easy to install. Plus it looks great! Would definitely recommend. As far as stickiness goes we will see, I just installed so I am interested to see how the adhesion holds up. Also, I will say that their customer service is 5 star. I needed one plank to finish my project and instead of making me buy a whole other box they shipped me one free of charge.

  20. Donnac

    Okay this was a little harder then I thought it would be. Took some serious measuring and cutting. But worth it in the end. Unfortunately the planks did lift so we just used nails to ensure they would stay on. We installed on textured drywall. Initially, when we goofed and tried to take one of the planks off it destroyed the drywall so make sure you measure and place properly. Beautiful end result. Highly recommend for the look.

  21. Customer

    Great product. We installed it over wallpaper and have had no problem with lifting.

  22. Bogdan

    Very Good Product!!! Easy to install, it took me less then a hour to install. I would recommend this product in a heartbeat.!!!

  23. Corrin

    Awesome product! It looks AMAAAAZING! A few words of advice: use a fine toothed hand saw, use a razor blade against a metal measuring stick for cutting long ways, if you need to cut around sockets, windows, etc, cut a “half square” instead of “L shape”. (Check picture of plug for reference. I cut an L shape on the top piece and square on the bottom. The L piece doesn’t blend as well), measure twice, then measure again (if you need to move a piece it will destroy your drywall) and buy a tube of beige silicone to fill in any gaps. I can’t wait to get my furniture pushed back and my TV on the wall!

  24. Anton Kuznetsov

    This is a great product and overall I’m very pleased with it. The project I had in mind turned out great!

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