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Barnwood Samples


Set of 6 Barnwood Samples (Vintage Oak, Whitewash, Brown, Grey Amber, Grey, Black Sand) Each sample is 8" (Length) x 5" (Width) x 0.25" (Thickness)
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Reclaimed wood planks for walls can be installed on different type of surfaces including textured walls, backsplashes, and ceilings. Barnwood planks are suitable for installation in places with higher humidity (avoid areas where wood panels could be directly exposed to moisture). It is important to be sure the application surface is completely dry and clear of dust/debris to ensure proper adhesion.


Each barn wood plank has been naturally weathered over time by the elements and include characteristics like deeply weathered grooves and natural splitting, enabling to capture that rustic warmth that can only be achieved with a barnwood accent wall. Our wood wall panels for interior wall décor will easily enable you to transform your space into a bespoke modern design creation.


Each barn wood plank responsibly sourced, fully recyclable and 100% free of harmful pollutants. The result is a creation of completely unique spaces and a product you feel good about bringing into your environment.

Woody Walls reclaimed wood planks for walls present the unmistakable sense of interior design sophistication. Our barnwood paneling deliver a contemporary-rustic, eco-friendly wall decor to your home with minimal effort. We made accentuating your walls or other surfaces, such as kitchen islands, backsplashes, headboards, or ceiling using natural materials easy and without breaking a bank.

Our barnwood planks come in one size which makes installation process and alignment super easy. All panels have been naturally weathered for 20 years and up and possess extreme durability while remaining authentic.

All WoodyWalls products are made with real wood, presenting authentic design and texture for a beautifully rich finish. Each barn wood plank is unique, giving your decor a warm and natural look.



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