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Brushed Metal Edge Trim for Barn Wood Wall


Stainless steel edge trim
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Brushed Metal Edge Trim for Barnwood Planks

Enhance your space effortlessly with our thoughtfully designed Brushed Metal Edge Trims, tailored specifically for Barnwood planks. When choosing our Barnwood planks, our meticulous design ensures a seamless integration, lifting the overall aesthetics of your environment. The precision-crafted stainless steel Edge Trim adds a touch of sleek sophistication, perfectly complementing your selected wood panels.


Each Brushed Metal Edge Trim measures 47 inches in length, with a width and depth precisely crafted to seamlessly fit our Barnwood planks. This precision eliminates any guesswork during the installation process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Easy Installation with Edge Trims

Installing our Edge Trims is a straightforward process. Use a miter saw, equipped with a specialized blade designed for stainless steel, to accurately measure and effortlessly cut the stainless steel trim to your desired length. Once cut, securely attach the trim at the end of the Barn wood wall using construction adhesive for a flawless and seamless appearance.

Perfect Pairing: Barnwood Planks and Edge Trim for a Polished DIY Project

While Barnwood planks offer versatility for various interior ideas and DIY projects, achieving a polished edge finish can be challenging. Our Edge Trim addresses this concern, providing an ideal solution that not only resolves edge-finishing dilemmas but also infuses a touch of sophistication into your creative projects.

Elevate your interior design by combining Barn wood wall with our meticulously crafted Brushed Metal Edge Trim, achieving a cohesive and refined result for your space.

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