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December 17, 2021

Easy Reclaimed Wood Wall DIYs

Responsibly sourced reclaimed wood has become a hot commodity among DIYers in the past few years as more people are striving to be conscious of the environment, while also getting a beautiful look in their space.

As materials that are easy to use, reclaimed wood often comes in a wide range of finishes and gives people the opportunity to match their walls with the rest of their room.

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the top ways you can use reclaimed wood and common types you’ll find.

Best Reclaimed Wood Wall Ideas

There are many benefits to using reclaimed wood and there is a huge variety of ways you can use it on your walls.

Room Corners

A popular DIY reclaimed wood wall project is to use it on two adjacent walls, eventually meeting in the corner. It gives a nice even look to any space and can really tie a room together that is otherwise feeling bland.

Half Walls

Lots of people use reclaimed wood on half walls as a way to make them stand out more. And since half walls tend to have more traffic than other walls, you won’t have to worry as much about keeping them clean with the reclaimed wood.

Around Stairs

In some homes, reclaimed wood wall panels look good on the outside or interior side of stairwells. Add them to an exterior wall of your stairs or put them along the way so that they offer a unique look with every step.

Basement Walls

People have a variety of uses for basements including man caves, game rooms, children’s play areas, and beyond. Add a nice layer of reclaimed wood along the ways to prevent this space from feeling boring and dull.

Accent Wall

We all know that painting a wall a different color creates an accent wall, but have you ever thought of doing the same thing with reclaimed wood instead? Find a style that matches the rest of the room and choose one wall that would complement the space.

Mantel and/or Fireplace

Reclaimed wood can either be used to create a single mantel or as a border around your fireplace. It will help the fireplace stand out more and offer a nice outline, making it a focal point of the room.

Combine with Stone or Tile

Using stone or tile along with reclaimed wood walls will add an element of texture to your space that will have visitors in awe. Experiment with different styles of wood and see what would look best with what is already in the room.

Popular Types of Reclaimed Wood Planks

Some of the most desirable types of reclaimed wood planks are:

Get the Best Materials for Your DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall

There are so many advantages to using reclaimed wood as part of your project when redoing your walls. Whether you’re adding some texture to a half wall or setting aside an accent wall, consider what these materials could do to bring your space to life.

Here at Woody Walls, we offer quality reclaimed wood wall panels that are always sourced responsibly. We make them by hand and allow them to weather naturally to give them a pure, realistic look. Check out our inventory or get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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