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December 17, 2021

Transform Your Space with Easy-to-Install Peel and Stick Wall Panels

Are you looking for a creative and unique way to update your home that doesn’t involve painting or installing new floors? Why not try the simple and beautiful addition of peel and stick wall panels?

As one of the easiest design upgrades you can add to any room, peel and stick wall panels are great for a variety of uses and renovation ideas. Check out the details below to learn more about them and how they can transform your space.

Vintage Blue - Peel And Stick Wood Planks - Woodywalls
Vintage Blue - Peel and Stick Wood Planks - WoodyWalls

What Are Peel and Stick Wall Panels?

The name says it all as peel and stick wall panels are variously colored wood planks that can be applied to a wall within your home, office, or retail space. They range in shapes and sizes to perfectly fit whatever room you want.

You can decide between the 3D peel and stick wall panels or flat ones depending on the look you’re going for and whether you want it to have texture or not. The many options make it easy to fit the panels to your personality and your preferences as you create the room of your dreams.

Many people use peel and stick wall panels for bathrooms, but they can be used in any part of your home including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, dens, and beyond. Lots of business owners also like to use these wood planks to add color and charm to the walls of their company office or store.

Advantages of Using Peel and Stick Wall Panels

As you begin to look at the various designs and styles that are offered, you’ll quickly realize that there are many benefits to peel and stick wall panels.


There is a great assortment of options available for those who want to spruce up their walls. Whether you’re looking for 3D peel and stick wall panels or flat ones, you can find one that fits your desires. You can customize further with colors, wood finishes, and even mix and match as you go.


Since peel and stick wall panels are pliable, they can easily fit any room regardless of its dimensions or layout. 

Easy DIY Installation

The peel and stick component of these wood planks makes them the perfect choice for people who like to do projects themselves. It’s as simple as measuring a space, laying out your design, peeling off the adhesive cover on the back, and setting the panels on your wall.


While wall panels have been around for centuries, they’re making a massive comeback in the home design industry. As more people see how easy they are to install and the finished product they can provide, more people are turning to peel and stick wall panels to give their rooms a new look.

Discover the Best Peel and Stick Wall Panels at Woody Walls

When it comes to any type of home transformation or improvement, the quality of your materials is one of the most important aspects of a successful project. You’ll only want to work with a supplier that offers a large variety of colors, types, and customizations when it comes to their peel and stick wall panels.

There’s no better way to go than with Woody Walls and our great spread of products. We offer only the highest quality peel and stick wall panels that are perfect for your home or business. Check out our options or reach out to us if you have any questions!

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