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Solid Wood
Acoustic Wood Samples


Set of 6 Solid Wood Samples
Each Sample Is 4 1/4” (Length) x 3 7/8” (Width)
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Solid Wood Samples

Check out our entire range of high quality Solid Wood Slat Wall Panels and find the perfect variation for your project. Different woods, colors, and grains are right for different looks, from mid-century modern to Bohemian, and much more.


All varieties of our Solid Wood Slat Wall Panels are made from 100% solid wood, hand-treated for rich color, maximum beauty, and superb wear-resistance. Wood panels come in pairs (2 panels per box) and each wood slat wall panel measures 46 x 20 11/16 x 7/8 inches; multiple panels can be joined together seamlessly to create a professional-looking DIY wood slat wall.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Wood Slat Wall with Our LED Channel Lighting

Renew and amplify the aesthetic charm of your Woody Walls Wood Slat Wall by embracing our  LED accent lighting. Tailor-made for Wood Slat Walls, our accent lighting solutions are designed to elevate the visual appeal of our Wood Slat Wall Panels. These seamlessly integrated LED channels and Edge lighting channels flawlessly blend with our slat wall panels, allowing you to effortlessly create captivating lighting effects that enhance the inherent beauty of your wood slat wall, infusing it with an added touch of sophistication.

 For DIYers & Pros

This is a DIY home project that's easy for anyone. The only tools required are a circular saw, screws and/or construction adhesive. Our slatted wall panels are not just for standard walls: mount them on ceilings, around alcoves and windows, and even on gently curved surfaces. Visit our How To Install page for instructions and a video demonstration.

 Improve Sound Quality

Woody Walls Solid Wood Slat Panels are designed to deliver high quality acoustic performance. By reducing echoes and reverberation, each wood slat panel absorbs and scatters stray noise, improving the space's overall sound quality.

 Bring Your Dream Décor Style to Life

Nothing delivers the same look of beauty and elegance as natural wood. Our acoustic slat wood wall panels optimize sound performance and upgrade interior style. With Woody Walls, you can transform any space for a fraction of the cost of a traditional renovation—our Sampler set lets you find just the right style!

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