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May 29, 2021

5 ideas to upgrade your home with modern wood wall panels that are on trend

Interior design is one the most exciting fields for any creative.  We are here to help you with new trends and processes when they arrive on the market.

One of the newest and most innovative ways to update your interior is with wood wall panels. These are wooden planks are made with high-quality solid reclaimed timber.

Our peel and stick wood wall panels can be easily applied to your walls by an adhesive strip on the back.

We have many kinds of wood panel for you to choose from

The choice is yours. Which wood panel is best suited to your home interior?  If you want a quick and attractive update for your home's interior walls, is the ideal place to find what you are looking for.

What are wooden wall planks?

Our wooden wall planks can quickly transform your interior giving a vintage look to the walls in any living space.  They are available in a variety of colours and themes to suit every taste.

WoodyWalls planks can be used in the kitchen, living room or even in the bathroom. Choice of color or theme can modify every bit.  We have a huge choice of color and themes that can be modified to suit any room.

The scent of our reclaimed wood panels is refreshing and can lift the ambience of any room in your home. 3D wood wall panels combined with LED lights and hangings can provide an authentic retro look.  There is a huge range of wooden planks to choose from.  They can brighten up any boring plain wall.

Reclaimed wooden panels

Reclaimed Wood Brown From Customers

Reclaimed barn wood can create an elegant yet rustic look in your bedroom. The panels are light weight, stylish and can create an authentic rustic effect.  Reclaimed wood can be more expensive than fresh timber, but it can last a long time and is highly durable.

Reclaimed Wood Brown From Customers

In addition, our modish reclaimed wood panels can transform your ceilings, furniture and even your fire place.

3D wood wall panels

Original Rustic D Wood Panels From Customers

Our solid wood wall planks also come in a stylish 3D textured design.
Our method of wood panelling your wall is eco-friendly as it uses recycled and reclaimed wood.

Cracked White Charcoal Cover

Our Woody Walls peel and stick wall panels are on trend right now and could give your home an impressive look. They can also give any office or work space a really spectacular look.  Wooden wall panels are often used in offices or even home offices and can add an aura of elegance.

These are widely adopted by commercial areas too. Many restaurants, outing places, even commercial shop owners preferred wood panels to amplify enhance the texture of the walls. Due to its easy installation and with the addition of LED  lights they compliment modern trends.

You can convert your comfortable place into a luxurious ambiance within few hours. The choice of color and material makes your renovation remarkable.

Here are the ways you can use these reclaimed wood panels in your house area

Original Rustic D Wood Panels From Customers
Original Rustic | Bedroom

Your living area or bedroom wall will be enhanced with with 3D wood wall planks that give a rustic and warm look.

Santorini White Peel And Stick Planks
Santorini (White) | Fireplace

Fireplaces can also be covered with wood wall planks instead of no direct contact with combustible material.

The kitchen cabinets and ceiling of the kitchen can be renewed by these easy to stick planks. A wooden ceiling with a mix and match of the cabinets and planks can create a Boho – Inspired look

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